Childhood Studies

Overview :

Early Childhood Studies program was established in 1980-1981. it is a 4-year bachelor program. It gives meaningful experiences about preschool life and fosters the development of a whole child. The students have the opportunity of learning about child development and behavior, psychology Inclusion in Early Childhood , and child psychology.
The faculty of the program specializes in Early Childhood Studies from several countries.

Vision :

To achieve global distinction as a pioneer in the Applied Education field, and to help promote awareness and foster responsible families capable of providing their children with a healthy childhood, both socially and psychologically.

Mission :

The Childhood Studies department seeks to spread national awareness of children's wellbeing, including special needs children, from different perspectives, psychological, educational and cultural. This will be achieved through an integrated training program for students/future teachers within educational, practical and cultural aspects. The department also seeks to consolidate relations with all the different child-care establishments.

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